Food Words: essays in culinary culture

fwFood Words is a series of provocative essays on some of the most important keywords in the emergent field of food studies, focusing on current controversies and on-going debates. Along with other members of the team on the CONANX project and under the leadership of Peter Jackson, I authored a number of the essays. It was published by Bloomsbury in 2013.

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The Dynamics of Social Practice

dospWritten with Elizabeth Shove and Mika Panztar and published by Sage in 2012. In this book, we set out to develop practice theory in ways which help it be applicable to researching and understanding how everyday life changes. In developing concepts for working with the different ways in which practices relate to each other, it shows how changes in everyday life are inseparable from broader processes of social change.

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The Design of Everyday Life

doel.jpgHow do common household items such as basic plastic house wares or high-tech digital cameras transform our daily lives? The Design of Everyday Life considers this question in detail, from the design of products through to their use in the home. I co-authored this book with Elizabeth Shove, and also with Jack Ingram and Martin Hand. It was published by Bloomsbury in 2007. 

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