The water–energy–food nexus at home: New opportunities for policy interventions in household sustainability

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A new output from the nexus project work, lead authored by Mike Foden with the rest of the project team, published in The Geographical Journal. This paper contributes to the nascent transdisciplinary research agenda of translating home practices research into wider conceptualisations of “intervention”, with a specific orientation towards academic and non-academic stakeholders who are interested in influencing systems of sustainable consumption and production within, and across, the WEF sectors. Continue reading “The water–energy–food nexus at home: New opportunities for policy interventions in household sustainability”

Opening Up the Participation Laboratory – new article in Science, Technology and Human Values

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This article, lead authored by Anna Krzywoszynska with me along with the rest of the Solar Futures team, engages debates on public participation in ‘upstream’ techno-scientific developments. It draws on the our projects long term participatory process with residents of a small town to envisage energy futures. It is published online today in the journal Science, Technology and Human Values.

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Lessons from a local history of domestic heating in the UK

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Published online today by Energy Research and Social Science

This article, which I co-authored with Dr Lenneke Kuijer, uses detailed analysis of historical change across infrastructures and practices reveals processes underpinning increasing demand for heat in UK homes. It draws on archive work, oral histories and focus groups as part of our work with the DEMAND research centre. Highlighting how phenomena including spatial differentiation within the home, processes of automation and the emergence of novel practice fuelled demand for heat, it demonstrates how a focus on patterns of practice reveals new insights into energy demand, including new insights for contemporary energy policy.

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Theorising Mobility Transitions

full-transfers_coverThis article, which I co-authored with Cristina Temenos, Anna Niklaeva, Tim Schwanen, Tim Cresswell, Frans Sengers and Mimi Sheller is published today. It arises from a great panel session at the Annual Congress of the American Association of Geographers, at San Francisco last year.

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Sustainable consumption and changing practices

book-coverPublished today, the Routledge Handbook of Consumption, edited by Margit Keller, Bente Halkier, Terhi-Anna Wilska and Monica Truninger, includes my chapter on ‘Sustainable consumption and changing practices’. In it I work through different ways in which versions of practice theory can help to understand how to engender sustainable consumption, before considering frontiers of research in the field.  Continue reading “Sustainable consumption and changing practices”

Placing power in practice theory – new chapter

An open access pre-print version of my chapter is available here.

nexus of practices.jpgThe Nexus of Practices is published today, and I’m pleased to be part of it. My chapter is Placing power in practice theory. In it I work towards an account of power which is consistent with the ontological commitments of practice theory; and in the process begin to develop an account of what is distinctive about what practice theory can say about power.

An open access pre-print version of my chapter is available here.

More on the book at its own web pages
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Co-producing energy futures: the impacts of participatory modelling

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This paper shows that collaborative visioning of local energy systems can enhance social learning and social capital of communities. I co-authored it with Anna Krzywoszynska and with Alastair Buckley, Hugh Birch, Prue Chiles, Jose Maywin, Helen Holmes and Nicky Gregson. It was published in the journal Building Research and Information in 2016

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