I have supervised 13 PhD students through to successful completion, as either primary supervisor or co-supervisor. Currently I am primary supervisor to four research students, with projects on four different continents.

Current PhD students

  • Sandra Barragan Contreras, CONACYT (Primary supervisor)
    Energy transitions and energy justice in south Mexico
  • Hannah Mottram, EPSRC (Primary Supervisor)
    Minigrids for Rural Electrification in Tanzania – Bridging the Gaps between Social and Technical Research
  • Katie Sumner,Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures (Primary supervisor)
    Disrupting the Rhythm: disruption and energy demand
  • Vaibhav Kaul, University of Sheffield Vice-Chancellor’s Indian Scholarship (Primary supervisor)
    Understanding and enhancing the adaptation and resilience of remote high-altitude Himalayan communities to hydrometeorological extremes in a changing climate

Completed PhDs

  • Dr Ava Maria Penzkofer, ESRC White Rose (Primary supervisor)
    Growing Sustainable Food Systems from the Grassroots
  • Dr Lewis Cameron, ESRC White Rose Social Sciences DTC Studentship (Primary supervisor)
    Optimising Energy Access for Sustainable Development in Remote Regions.
  • Dr Trevor Ballance (Co-supervisor)
    Employing Social Practice Theory in the Understanding of Sustainable Practices at a Japanese University
  • Dr Ian Humphrey, Faculty studentship (Primary supervisor)
    Digging for sustainability: Socio-cultural perspectives on alternative food initiatives
  • Dr Jo Oldfield, EPSRC (Co-supervisor)
    Planning for low carbon communities
  • Dr Huw Birch, EPSRC E-futures DTC studentship (Co-supervisor)
    Methods for predicting and controlling the benefits and behaviours of renewable energy
  • Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford, ESRC White Rose (Primary supervisor)
    Emergency food provision in the UK: Understanding its rise and implications
  • Dr Rosie Emeny, ESRC (Primary supervisor)
    Performing the Rural Through Materialities : Thinking Critically About Cars
  • Dr Nick Piper, ERC (Co-supervisor)
    Consuming popular food media

Dr Robin Lovelace, EPSRC (Co-supervisor)
The energy costs of commuting: a spatial microsimulation approach