Sustainable consumption and changing practices

book-coverPublished today, the Routledge Handbook of Consumption, edited by Margit Keller, Bente Halkier, Terhi-Anna Wilska and Monica Truninger, includes my chapter on ‘Sustainable consumption and changing practices’. In it I work through different ways in which versions of practice theory can help to understand how to engender sustainable consumption, before considering frontiers of research in the field.  Continue reading “Sustainable consumption and changing practices”


The evidence-policy gap | seminar contribution | London


Reshaping The Domestic Nexus

The challenges of getting evidence and ideas from research into policy was the focus of a workshop at the Friends Meeting House in London today. Matt Watson presented on some of the basis of the Reshaping the Domestic Nexus project as a contribution to a rich afternoon’s discussion, which went well beyond the usual prescriptions of how to engage policy audiences. The Evidence-Policy Gap was the final event in a series of 9 funded by the ESRC on Behaviour Change, and organised by Fiona Spotswood from the University of West England.

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Placing power in practice theory – new chapter

An open access pre-print version of my chapter is available here.

nexus of practices.jpgThe Nexus of Practices is published today, and I’m pleased to be part of it. My chapter is Placing power in practice theory. In it I work towards an account of power which is consistent with the ontological commitments of practice theory; and in the process begin to develop an account of what is distinctive about what practice theory can say about power.

An open access pre-print version of my chapter is available here.

More on the book at its own web pages
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Can practice theory help to effect social change?

new-pub-imageI had a great time at the New Practices for New Publics workshop in Sheffield today. I shared the speaker list with David Evans and with Margit Keller, and was first in neat run of three talks taking different approaches to reflecting on practice theory and its capacity to inform processes of governing to effect positive social change. The three talks were followed by a lively discussion, with the three of us fielding some testing and at time trenchant questioning in productive ways. The workshop was the fourth in an ESRC funded series of events designed to bring together cutting edge thinking in social science with the experiences of civil society organisations, especially those in the community and voluntary sector.

There’s a video of my presentation here and my slides are available here

World film premiere | Facing the Mountain

facing-the-mountainThe department hosted the world premiere of the new ethnographic documentary film Facing the Mountain. It was a real pleasure to be able to introduce the film and the film’s producer and co-director, Vaibhav Kaul. I’m lucky enough to be supervisor to Vaibhav, and it was so affecting to see what I had learned from discussing his experiences in the field, and of the people and place he has encountered through his fieldwork, rendered into a beautifully shot and constructed film. It was a real honour for the department to host the premiere, before the film heads off for showings at more than 20 film festivals, from Kendal to Kathmandu. Continue reading “World film premiere | Facing the Mountain”

Urban integration and the nexus


I contributed to a panel at a research conference in Sheffield on 13th September, drawing together diverse perspectives on the chaotic and contested notion of urban integration. The panel was organised by Simon Marvin, Director of the Urban Institute, and pulled together researchers from across the Faculty of Social Sciences at Sheffield. I aimed to critically engage the ways ‘nexus’ fits into and is appropriated to imaginaries of urban integration.