Modes of Governing Municipal Waste

Co-authored with Harriet Bulkeley, and with Ray Hudson and published in the journal Environment and Planning A in 2007. In this paper we develop an analytical approach, the modes of governing approach, which engages with the rationalities, agencies, institutional relations, and technologies of governing that coalesce around particular objectives and entities to be governed.

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Product, competence, project and practice: DIY and the dynamics of craft consumption

Authored with Elizabeth Shove and published in the Journal of Consumer Culture in 2008. In this article we examine the recursive relation between products, projects and practices with reference to DIY and home improvement – an important area of craft consumption and a field in which consumers are actively and creatively engaged in integrating and transforming complex arrays of material goods.

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Products and Practices: Selected Concepts from Science and Technology Studies and from Social Theories of Consumption and Practice

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I co-authored this article, published in Design Issues with Jack Ingram and Elizabeth Shove. In it we introduce to design scholars approaches and concepts from consumption studies, practice approaches and STS that can help approach the recursive relations between product design and consumer practices.

Just Waste? Municipal waste management and the politics of environmental justice

Authored with Harriet Bulkeley and published in journal Local Environment. In this paper we explore the environmental justice issues and tensions involved in rapid changes in processes and provisions of municipal waste policy.

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Governing Municipal Waste: towards a new analytical framework

Co-authored with Harriet Bulkeley and Ray Hudson and Paul Weaver and published in the Journal of Environmental Policy and Practice  in 2005. In this paper, we develop a new conceptual framework for analysing municipal waste policy, based on an understanding of the multiple modes of governing through which policy is constructed and contested.

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