Gala fun at Lancaster University


Representatives of the 6 End Use Energy Demand (EUED) Research Centres funded by the UK Energy Research programme gathered in Lancaster to share research learning. I was there as part of the DEMAND centre, which was hosting the event. There’s a report of the event here and materials including presentations are here.

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Keynote on power at ‘Moving Practice Forward’ workshop

I had a fantastically generative time discussing my ideas on how to tackle power through practice theory as a keynote speaker for this year’s Warwick Advanced Workshop on Practice Based Studies. Based on my chapter, I spoke over a 2.5 hour session. It was though far from a monologue; I never talked for long without another well informed and apposite intervention from this group of critically engaged scholars. Questions and critique came from the wide range of perspectives and approaches represented at this international event. Continue reading “Keynote on power at ‘Moving Practice Forward’ workshop”

Products and Practices: Selected Concepts from Science and Technology Studies and from Social Theories of Consumption and Practice

Free access pdf here

I co-authored this article, published in Design Issues with Jack Ingram and Elizabeth Shove. In it we introduce to design scholars approaches and concepts from consumption studies, practice approaches and STS that can help approach the recursive relations between product design and consumer practices.